Crypto Garage is the leading architect of cryptophical financial instruments based on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. We navigate the intersection of Bitcoin and financial engineering to accelerate “Cryptofinance” adoption in financial markets. We are the financial products, services and systems of the future.


Crypto Garage utilizes Bitcoin Blockchain technology to develop open source, trustless financial services. Technologies we work with and contribute to include Bitcoin Core, Layer 2, Lighting Network, atomic swaps and sidechains.

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Crypto Inter-Dealer Brokerage and Settlement services

A leading infrastructure provider for the institutional crypto financial market


Enterprise level Cryptofinance Optech Services
for all bitcoin-enable companies

Forget the limitations of Blockchain management.


An API call type service that allows you to manage addresses and transactions on the Blockchain.

Trustless Derivative protocol based on DLC

P2P Derivatives

P2P derivatives trading based on Discreet Log Contracts.


Company name: Crypto Garage, Inc.
Business activities: R&D and commercialization of financial services using blockchain
Established: September 2018
Representative: Masahito Okuma, CEO
Directors: Kaoru Hayashi
Keizo Odori
Shoji Ushiro
Shunichiro Totsuka
Kaoru Numata
Corporate Auditors: Yasuyuki Rokuyata
Location: DG Bldg., 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
Crypto Asset Exchange Registration Number: Kanto Finance Bureau 00029
Membership: Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association
Japan Security Token Offering Association
Global Digital Finance


The following points are posted on the Financial Services Agency’s website
Based on the crypto-assets exchange operator’s explanation, the crypto-assets that are supported by the crypto-assets exchange operators in this list confirms only that they follow the definition under the Payment Service Act.
The Financial Services Agency and Treasury do not guarantee or endorse the value of these crypto-assets. Crypto-assets are not necessarily backed by assets.
The following are disclaimers when trading a crypto-assets.

(Disclaimers concerning the use of crypto-assets)
Crypto-assets are not a “legal tender” with values guaranteed by the country, such as the Japanese yen or dollar. They are electronic data exchanged on the Internet.
The price of crypto-assets may fluctuate. There is a possibility of losing money as the price of the crypto-assets may decrease significantly and suddenly become worthless, and so on.
The crypto-assets exchange operator must register with the Financial Services Agency/Finance Bureau. Please check whether or not the exchange is a registered business if using their services.
When trading crypto-assets, please seek explanations from the operator, fully understand the transaction details, and decide at your own discretion.
Inquiries about crypto-assets and fraudulent coins are on the rise. Please be cautious of malicious and fraudulent businesses who uses a crypto-assets and leverages the news of new crypto-assets exchange operator.
Crypto-assets exchange registration list